Tomorrow is a big day for my boys and me. First, we're going to the Greenville Humane Society to get a dog! The two little boys don't know yet, so they aren't bouncing off the wall-- that would be me. I'm so excited. The dog will live with Kenn, but I'll be over there so often it won't really matter. At least, this is what I tell myself.

After the puppy picking (heh), the four of us are going to see the circus! Again, Kenn and the boys have all been before. I have not. I'm probably the most excited. We have 9th row seats, which aren't too shabby. The seats are mid-price range, but we had a coupon and everything. An hour before the show starts, any ticketholder can come into the arena and meet the elephants, clowns, and other circus folk, as well try on oversized circus costumes. I'll try to post pictures afterwards.

I feel very soccer mom-ish...Weird.

I enjoyed my snow day break. Now that I'm back at work, though, I keep thinking of things I'd wish I'd done. Not things like play in the snow, have a snowball fight, etc. I did those things. What I really mean is that I keep thinking of movies I own and can watch over and over (Love Actually, Mean Girls, Wedding Crashers). I'm all like, "I should have watched that!" Eh, I'll watch 'em soon. This section has no point.

Rambling. I'll end it here (mercifully).