Off The Beaten Path

Kenn and I wanted to rent a movie yesterday, but, for some unknown reason, we bypassed the Blockbusters. We instead went to the nation's 3rd largest rental chain Family Video. They are the largest privately owned chain, and they are located in 14 states so far. So why the shameless plug? Well, I didn't get a job with them, but I am switching from Blockbuster forever. The location I went to had a better selection of titles. Kenn and I rented Jesus Camp, and Josh and Caleb both got to choose a DVD to rent for five days for FREE. Our total cost? $1.37.

Of course, for the first month, everything is 50% off. So, it would have been $2.74. For a new release and two kids' movies (five day rental for the kids and a two day rental for the new release). Older releases? Rent for five days for either $1 or 50 cents. They are open from 10 a.m. to midnight 365 days a year, like Blockbuster. Yeah, like Blockbuster, except better.