The Boy

Last Thursday was my husband's birthday. I told him that I was going to blog about him, and then I promptly did not follow through. Well, after the events of this weekend, I decided that he really did deserve his very own blog.

This weekend, Kenn did a family reunion gig at the G-Ville Hilton. On Friday night, he did some strolling magic, meaning that he walked around from table to table doing some magic meant for close up. However, on Saturday night, which I was able to attend, he was booked to perform his full evening show. I had not seen the full show yet, so I was very excited to see his performance.

It is an emotional experience to see the person you love best on the earth do what he loves best. I was so proud of him I teared up a couple of times. He was so happy on stage, so confident and assured. I love him a little bit more after Saturday night, and, in honor of his birthday and fantastic show, I am going to present a top ten list of my favorite things about Kenn Ball.

10. His hip hop dancing

9. The way he laughs when he is laughing really hard

8. His willingness to talk in our special dialect

7. The fact that he was my first Lost friend

6. The way he wants to make sure the boys have tons of fun memories from their childhood

5. His singing to me -- whether it's full versions of country songs that I didn't ask for or songs that he makes up when I go to sleep, he will pretty much always sing to me

4. The way he plays Bible, Disney, and magic trivia with Josh & Caleb

3. That he is WAY better at decluttering and picking up the house than I am. I'm the better cleaner, but he makes sure the house isn't messy.

2. That he has the same spiritual AND political views as I do. That's not all that easy to find around here.

1. That we are each other's best friend. I can always talk to him, about anything.

Happy belated birthday blog post, babe. Love you!