1. So, over the weekend, my husband and I discover that the bottom part of our refrigerator is no longer cooling. Our freezer is still freezing perfectly, but the bottom part is not cooling at all. So, since repairing it would likely be as much as a used appliance anyway, we have opted to replace it. This sounds all fine and good until I say what comes next: this will be the 2nd replacement refrigerator we've had to get since JUNE. That's right. We come home from our honeymoon, and Kenn's fridge had gone completely out. Luckily, my parents had 2, so they let us take one. Now, we have to actually buy one. Yay?

  2. Kenn and I watched Superbad this weekend (no, the boys didn't watch it with us!). Without getting into whether we should/shouldn't watch those movies, it was quite funny in spots. Kenn seemed to appreciate it on a different level than I was able to, having never been a teenage boy myself. I thought it was funny, but I far prefer Forgetting Sarah Marshall, which I need to come out on DVD.

  3. The Emmys were last night. For those who don't know, I am slightly addicted to major awards shows. So, I watched it last night, but I was mostly disappointed. I'm glad 30 Rock won so much, but I feel that Michael Emerson and particularly Neil Patrick Harris were robbed of Emmys. And the opening was painful, not funny. Most of the jokes fell flat, and it just all seemed anti-climatic. I like a feel of gravitas to my awards show, which you can feel free to make fun of me for as long as you wish.

  4. Now, I haven't researched the medical ramifications of what I'm about to request, so if I'm off base or insensitive, that's why. But people, please get your huge huge goiters removed. I know that sounds so callous, but, particularly if your job involves communication, if your goiter is visible enough that you need to cover it with bandages, maybe you should think about removing it (if it's medically possible). Kenn and I visited a church where the pastor had a HUGE goiter on his neck. That he covered with flesh-colored bandages (which I appreciated). I cannot remember what the sermon was about.

  5. Saturday morning, I have the TV tuned to the Kidz Only music channel. My sons are dancing around, my husband is getting to sleep in, and I am cleaning BECAUSE I WANT TO. I don't know how it happened, but I was not going to be happy if that floor didn't get mopped. It was blissful.

  6. Also, my friend Heather took that photo. Check out her photo blog, An Even Ten. The link's on the sidebar.


Books I've Read/ Movies I've Watched

This is mostly just a housekeeping post. I'm currently reading and watching movies quite regularly, and I like to remember what I've read/watched. This is the easiest place for me to keep it, so sorry for the boring stuff.

Since mid-August, I've read/watched:

The Ugly Duckling by Iris Johanssen
I Am Charlotte Simmons by Tom Wolfe
The Devil Wears Prada by Lauren W.
Stacey vs. The BSC
Stacey's Broken Heart
Weep No More, My Lady by Mary Higgins Clark

Deep Impact
National Treasure
Interview With the Vampire
Black Snake Moan
High School High
Four Weddings and a Funeral
Gone Baby Gone
Far From Heaven
American Beauty
Across The Universe
Forgetting Sarah Marshall


Rejoining The Blog World

So, I've been gone since March. Sorry about that. Been a little busy with the getting married and being married part. Also, being a stepmom takes up a lot of time. I know, news flash.

Let's see, how can I condense the last six months? Wedding prep, wedding, honeymoon, home, new cat, 2 months as newlyweds by ourselves, boys come home, Kenn works from home, school, PTA.

I am enjoying doing the household shopping-groceries and the like- and today I finally used my slow cooker. I am making some sort of stew beef concoction. If it's good, I'll share the EASY recipe with you, but it's not for food snobs, I don't suppose. I have never really had to COOK for myself or anyone, so I'm learning first to be consistent. I rarely am excited about cooking dinner, and far too often I REALLY don't want to. It must be done, so I'm trying to amass a bunch of slow cooker recipes so dinner and the clean up will be less time intensive. If you know of any good, easy ones, hit up the comment box. You know you want to.

So far, my family likes it best when I cook teriyaki chicken, with chicken and dumplings coming in a close second. I'm not a huge beef eater, so I'm never sure what to do with it. I'm working on it, though.

Also, over on the right, there's a linked banner to Paper Back Swap. You should hit that up if you love reading but don't necessarily need to keep every book you've ever read or might read. I've recently converted to the keeping only the FEW books I really love and read over and over again. As a former English major, I feel some shame in admitting that. But, honestly, most of the books sat on my shelf after I read them, and some had been on my bookcase for YEARS without my having read them. This way I can read what I want for free (well, save the cost of shipping) and send it on to someone else. Check it out, or don't. (And yes, if you use those links, and sign up, I'll get a credit. Full disclosure here. Sorry if I've sold out.) I've gotten a couple of books already, so it is legit.

And now, I leave you with a funny story. My husband took our sons (I'm not going to be using stepsons--too difficult) to the Upper SC State Fair. They all rode one of those boats that holds a lot of people and goes up and around in a circle (descriptive skills--not so good). During the middle of the ride, Kenn asks Caleb, the youngest, how he liked the ride. His answer? "IT TICKLES MY PENIS!" Said so loudly that everyone on the ride and standing down below could hear. And laugh hysterically.