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Ask the Reader: New Music Recs

So, I am in a slight music rut. I love music, but being busier than I used to be has eliminated a lot of my music discovery time. So I turn to the very few of you who read this to ask what I should check out. In order to help you with my musical tastes, I'll provide lists of my most recent favs as well as my all time favorites. I'm limiting this to secular songs, as my husband has no problem helping me find new Christian artists/songs. Don't be afraid to suggest older songs/artists either!

New (to me) Picks
"Sea Green See Blue" by Jaymay
"Sleep" by Azure Ray
"You and I" by Ingrid Michaelson
"I Love the Rain the Most" by Joe Purdy
Shotgun (album) by Tony Lucca

"Nightswimming" by R.E.M.
"Your Song" by Elton John
"American Music" by The Violent Femmes
"Ticket to Ride" & "In My Life" by The Beatles
"Wild Horses" by The Rolling Stones
"Reptila" by The Strokes
"Don't Think Twice" by Bob Dylan
"Fix You" & "Don't Panic" by Coldplay
"Honey & the Moon" by Joseph Arthur

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Menu Plan Oct. 5-11

Hey, I'm starting a (hopefully) weekly feature. Mostly, it's to give myself some accountability with menu planning, as that seriously saves money with the grocery shopping. I'm not deluded enough to believe that most of you reading this will actually want to know what we're eating for dinner! Also, you may note that it is Wednesday, not Monday. What can I say? I just decided to do this. We eat pretty simply around here, for the most part.

Monday: spaghetti with meat sauce (ground turkey instead of beef)
Tuesday: chocolate chip pancakes with eggs and sausage (boys had a salad as well)
Wednesday: boiled shrimp, french fries, carrot sticks
Thursday: hot dogs, mac n cheese, broccoli
Friday: BBQ chicken legs, rice, green peas
Saturday: chili with cornbread, salad
Sunday: grilled cheese with chicken noodle soup, pineapple

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