Book Me!

Dear readers, who may number at least 10, I request that you help me in something. Please rec me some books. I have been leaning towards the slack side on reading since college, and, while some of that was due to the amount I read and how I had to read it, it is no longer acceptable. For a general idea of what I like, I will list both (some of) my favorite books and a list of stuff already in my reading queue.

Some Favorites
The Great Gatsby
Pride and Prejudice
The Sound and the Fury
The Sun Also Rises
Bridget Jones Diary
(yeah, I like modern American lit. What?)

Reading Queue
The Year of Magical Thinking
Tom Jones
Love in the Time of Cholera
In Cold Blood (okay, so it's a re-read)
The Republic (I so should have read this already)

Now, grant me the gift of literature, fine readers.


LiuMai said...

I suggest Purity and Passion...Authentic Male Sexuality. Ok, not really, but apparently Erynn's Dad does cause that's one of the books I got for Christmas. It's pretty good too. But seriously...I'm not the one for these questions right now. China doesn't stay up on good Christian...or good otherwise, literature. I could send you some propaganda, though.

rob said...

You know, I just went back and read the entire Chronicles of Narnia series. They are quick reads and very enjoyable. With The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe opening today, I wanted to know the whole story. It was worth my time. Fun stories.

ashleybeam said...

Well, the last good books I read were The Babysitter's Club. There pretty good if you want to give them a reread. I'm not one for reading. However, I could tell you some good Country songs to listen to. I'm your girl for that!

Charity said...

I feel like I should send you some "educated" recommendations, but I'm drawing a blank right now...I'll keep thinking on it. I did read this book called "Holiness" by J. Ryle this semester and it was good. LONG but good and thought provoking. But at this point, I'll give you two fiction books which have quickly climbed to the top of my list of fictional favorites. Inklings and Expectations by Melanie Jeschke. They are about this group of students/dons at Oxford University in the 50-60s who start an Inklings group in honor of the recently deceased CS Lewis. They even have Professor Tolkien come by for one of their meetings. It's a beautiful blending of history and fiction that I think you would enjoy! If you do decide to fritter away some time reading them, let me know 'cause I want to know your thoughts!


david sedaris: me talk pretty one day.

it's paganistically delicious...just like you

Rita said...

No book recommendations. I am literarily challenged.

But I did try to figure out a plan for calling you the other day .. read my xanga post from today <12.21> to find out why.

Erynn said...

I've just finished the Chronicles of Narnia (again) AND Charity's suggestion. Both are good. . . especially if you're a Lewis fan.
I'm reading some Sparks. . . can't go wrong there.
Christy (Catherine Marshall) is an old favorite.
I've been doing more writing than reading these days.
I like Jane Austen. . . always.