Happy Ween of Hallow!

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Or Harvest Day, if you're so inclined. I plan on celebrating by leaving work at 4:30 and thoroughly NOT going to class because my Human Growth and Development class is the most boring class I've ever had. I'm actually not exaggerating here.

But anyway, I'm picking up a pizza for my mom and me as my dad and brother are out of town. Then, for the first time in my life, I shall answer the door for trick-or-treaters and give them candy! I'm excited.

You know, I've done about 85% of my Christmas shopping. 85%! This is grand. On the Day after Thanksgiving (Black Friday), I will still go shopping, though. I love it--the energy of the morning, the people who take it too far, the fact that when we leave at 1 or so, we've been going at it for at least 7 hours. That's a work day, people.

Yesterday was Homecoming at my church. I had a lot of fun. Heather and I double plated it (so what?) and everyone ate outside of the lawn (in chairs and at tables). It was such a gorgeous day. We talked for awhile to Tricia McWilliams and her dad, Jim, the fruit of which was the saying "Too many compliments! You're old!" (A long story involving a conversation between Tricia and Heather. Basically, you say it after you've complimented someone alot. Trust me, that's all you need.)

Jim, to us three girls all around 23 years old: You're in the prime of your lives! You're young. You're catches! You're delights, all of you."
(A silence...becoming awkward...)
Staci: Too many compliments! You're old!

You see how it works. Spread it around! It's obviously already part of my repertoire.

Saturday, Heather and I cleaned out my books because I was running out of room. It was...hard but not as hard as I'd originally thought. Probably because I could talk it out with Heather. Maybe tomorrow I'll post a list of ones I'm planning to give away to see if anyone wants them. I also cleaned out my movies, but mainly I just got rid of VHS and made a list of ones I wanted to replace. Also, I will once again receive The Princess Bride for free! People just keep ending up with 2 copies, and I swoop right in there with my no copies and even up the score. So yay Princess Bride DVD!

I think that's it. I'm even having trouble following my thoughts today. So, congrats if you made it through this rambling, not what you might call coherent entry.



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Captain Berk said...

I did all of my xmas shopping at the super galaxy space mall.

I have a starfleet discount card that all senior officers get.It makes me feel special, and gives meaning to me existence.

Someone stole it the other day and bought adult material with it. I am condicting an investigation to find out who it was.

wife said...

Black Friday is the best day ever!!! The women in my family usually have our walkie-talkies synchronized on one frequency just to make sure we get the best deals. My favorite part of the Thursday before is going through all of the ads! Can't wait!