My Happy List

1. Getting off 2 hours early from work today and not having to go back until Wednesday.

2. the rain and slight, cool, crisp air

3. tiny pumpkins....in really small amounts.

4. new shoes

5. Fiona's new cd

6. Ebay (yeah, I'm a little addicted)

7. Sweaters.

8. Going to Salsarita's with LB tonight. Yay!

ETA: Who wants/needs a Gmail invite? Let me know; I got bunches. Email me your address if you wants.


Erynn said...

I had my first tiny pumpkin of the season on Friday, and I thought of you.

I raised it in the air, and toasted, "here's to my friend Staci, wherever she is!" And then I ATE that sucka! And behold, it was good.

Miranda said...

Not that I need it, but I seem to be giving in to every other popular thing on the internet, so I'll take a gmail invite. :)

LiuMai said...

a few things on your list also make me happy.