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So for those of you who took bets, I should officially announce it. I gave notice at the airport restaurant Wednesday. Yeah, that's a week. Yeah, I'm awesome. There were a bunch of reasons why I didn't stay, but the most important is that I HATE IT. With the fire of 1000 suns even. So I'm still looking for a part time job, but I managed to earn March's car payment while I was at the place not to be named from here on.

Oh, and those of you who lost? Pay up. Be cool.


Charity said...

Hey that's okay. I tried to give notice at FCS on my SECOND day there. They wouldn't accept it. So at least yours was successful and you made it longer than me. No big :) And yay for the car payment $$

Cecil said...

I KNEW IT!!!!!!!!! You know, I don't even own a gun cause I don't want to get shot.

whatstrangebreezes said...

one thing i've learned, don't count staci thompson out. i mean, right after i decided that it was fruitless to check your bloggerspotter thing, i found out i was wrong!

thanks for your comments recently. i was a lot worse at the beginning of it all than i am now. i'm possibly getting to move to greenville, like i said, but i'm so scared it's not going to work out.

but, we'll see. i need a job SO BAD. my saved money is almost gone, and i can only use it for car payments until i get a job... ugh...

anyway, i miss you and i want to see you when i get to the upstate.