So, I've just decided to take a much-needed vacation at the end of the month. Since hotels and such are expensive, I've decided to stay in G-Vegas, though I am hoping that my friend Angela will let me stay in the green guest room in her much-nicer-than-a-hotel house. Seriously, it would be so posh. My vacation would start at 12:01 pm Friday the 22nd and continue until Sunday the 30th. I plan on mostly sticking around here, though I do want to drive up to some spots in the mountains, perhaps to Table Rock.

I also want to go here. I love water parks so so much. I've never been to this one, but I know that I shall spend lots of time in the lazy river. Sure, it's not going to be a huge water park, but it will do, especially for the price. Long and short of it, I'm tremendously excited about the vacay at home (sorta). Lots of lounging in store, let me tell you. Has anyone else ever done the vacation at home? How'd it work out for you?


Rita said...

The best married vacation I've had (after the honeymoon - wink!) was a vacation at home. It was great. It was fun to do things in the area that you don't normally take the time to do, be lazy and completely comfortable (we stayed at our house), not feel completely unproductive (because we were still able to take care of stuff that needed our attention in town), run errands that were necessary, but not top priority, ...

man, that was a good time! We should do it again!!

Hope yours is as nice as ours!

Heather said...

Fabulous. So often more restful and relaxing than traveling.