Top 5 At the Moment

I has a flavor
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1. Lolcats (cat macros) are hysterical. The photo to your right is an example of a lolcat. You see, one takes pictures of his/her cat and makes up very funny captions, using a distinct dialect native to cats. These are all over the place, and I have looked at pages of them and cried from laughing so hard. Facebook introduced an application to have random lolcats pics inserted into your profile; LJ has several communities. I wholeheartedly endorse this phenomenon.

2. This article from McSweeney's. Very funny.

3. Dresses. I have suddenly become this girl who loves to wear dresses or at least skirts. Don't ask-- I have no idea how it happened either.

4. West Elm. Pretty, pretty.

5. Overheard In The Office & Overheard At The Beach. The original link in this chain was Overheard In New York, which is still funny and updated quite frequently. They have also added Celebrity Wit and Overheard Everywhere. Recently, though, my favorites are the office and the beach. So, if you eavesdrop, submit some particularly funny/ridiculous conversations. I need more reading material!

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