Good Things That August Brings

Legs crossing the street
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1. The Age of Staci. Yes, for you neophytes, I was indeed born in August, a month without holidays. Indeed, only a month without holidays was suitable for my birth, as I would grow up and demand that everyone close to me celebrate my birthday all month. There is no August, you see. Only The Age of Staci, which will be brought to it astonishingly brilliant climax on the 27th (translation: that's my birthday).

2. The Mix CD Swap. It will be loads of fun. Hurry-- you only have till the 14th to sign up.

3. This movie. I loved the book.

4. The Really Good, Really Big, Really Cheap Annual Book Sale. Mmm. Books.

5. The probable beginning of Tiny Pumpkin Season.

6. Back to school shopping-- I miss buying school supplies, y'all!

7. My learning that my favorite perfume ever has NOT been discontinued. There is so much joy there. Oh, Hugo for Women. Just you wait.


Sherry H. said...

It's a little known fact, but one that I know, of course, being the master librarian that I am--people born in the month of August are more likely to be Mental-Lee-ill 4 Life. Sad, but true.

Staci said...

I defy all statistics, except ones about being legendary, awesome, and legendarily awesome.