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Who's up for some new music? I'm hosting a mix CD swap, and you might ask, if you were prone to asking questions, how does such a thing work? It's fairly simple. First, email me and let me know you want to do it. I'll need your name, address, email, website/blog (if you have one), and whether you're willing to ship internationally (just in case!). After the sign-up round ends, I'll email each one of you with your partner's info. I'm thinking that it might be best to give everybody a month to get their CDs out. After you make the CD, just mail it out (please use some padding!) and wait for your own CD to come to you. In a couple of days, I'll post another entry with some more fleshed out rules and guidelines, but I think that covers the gist. Sign up, get your partner, make a CD, mail it.

Oh, and if you join the swap, please link back to this entry from your own blog/website. The more, the merrier, yes?

I'm giving the sign up round two weeks. So, hurry...you only have until August 14th to sign up.

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Rita said...

I shall like to participate.

And I shall link to your blog post.

But ... I don't have your email address, I don't believe.