A Peek at My Stuff #2 (Not Dirty!)

So, these are the invitations to my wedding. I love them -- not completely untraditional, but with enough variance to make them feel like something I would choose. I love the lettering; I've always been a fan of the all lowercase. What do you think?


Rita said...

They're lovely! Good choice!

Heather said...

Woohoo! Beautiful!

Queen Sherry said...

Very nice. Elegant, yet cool. Not unlike myself. Oh, and I have a very generous wedding gift for you...(not in the monetary sense of the word generous, so don't get excited).

Leo said...

Dear Friend Staci,

I have your new number. Thank you. In addition, I have changed my blog site address to better reflect the style of my soon to be launched website. Would you consider updating your link to my blog from cultureandcoffee.blogspot.com TO leojnewman.blogspot.com

Thank you.