Rejoining The Blog World

So, I've been gone since March. Sorry about that. Been a little busy with the getting married and being married part. Also, being a stepmom takes up a lot of time. I know, news flash.

Let's see, how can I condense the last six months? Wedding prep, wedding, honeymoon, home, new cat, 2 months as newlyweds by ourselves, boys come home, Kenn works from home, school, PTA.

I am enjoying doing the household shopping-groceries and the like- and today I finally used my slow cooker. I am making some sort of stew beef concoction. If it's good, I'll share the EASY recipe with you, but it's not for food snobs, I don't suppose. I have never really had to COOK for myself or anyone, so I'm learning first to be consistent. I rarely am excited about cooking dinner, and far too often I REALLY don't want to. It must be done, so I'm trying to amass a bunch of slow cooker recipes so dinner and the clean up will be less time intensive. If you know of any good, easy ones, hit up the comment box. You know you want to.

So far, my family likes it best when I cook teriyaki chicken, with chicken and dumplings coming in a close second. I'm not a huge beef eater, so I'm never sure what to do with it. I'm working on it, though.

Also, over on the right, there's a linked banner to Paper Back Swap. You should hit that up if you love reading but don't necessarily need to keep every book you've ever read or might read. I've recently converted to the keeping only the FEW books I really love and read over and over again. As a former English major, I feel some shame in admitting that. But, honestly, most of the books sat on my shelf after I read them, and some had been on my bookcase for YEARS without my having read them. This way I can read what I want for free (well, save the cost of shipping) and send it on to someone else. Check it out, or don't. (And yes, if you use those links, and sign up, I'll get a credit. Full disclosure here. Sorry if I've sold out.) I've gotten a couple of books already, so it is legit.

And now, I leave you with a funny story. My husband took our sons (I'm not going to be using stepsons--too difficult) to the Upper SC State Fair. They all rode one of those boats that holds a lot of people and goes up and around in a circle (descriptive skills--not so good). During the middle of the ride, Kenn asks Caleb, the youngest, how he liked the ride. His answer? "IT TICKLES MY PENIS!" Said so loudly that everyone on the ride and standing down below could hear. And laugh hysterically.


Rita said...

Bahahaha! Tickles his penis. Awesome.

Slow cooker Chicken & Dumplings are AWESOME!! (I use this recipe (http://tinyurl.com/3dq3kd) and ... you don't even have to thaw out the chicken! Doesn't get much easier than that!) [I'm forever forgetting to set stuff out of the freezer.]

And my mom always cooks her pot roasts in the Crock Pot. Roast, little bit of salt, little bit of pepper, little bit of beef bouillon. Chop up an onion if you wanna.

Also, that website above (allrecipes.com) is pretty much the most awesome cooking resource I have. Anything that's rated 4-5 stars is pretty much going to be awesome.

And welcome back to blogging! :)

Heather said...


i'm just now discovering that you've rejoined the blog world!