Things I Want To Say To The People Sitting Two Tables Down

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* You're too loud. I don't need to know about your frat parties, how drunk you're going to get, your friend's golf tournament, your roommate Honor, or your friend on scholarship and how he's going through some trouble with inconsiderate roommates. It's college drama. Deal. And learn to deal QUIETLY. I don't need to hear everything you say.

*Also, I don't need to hear everything you eat. If I can hear you chew from 2 or 3 tables down, perhaps you should take a table etiquette and manners class. You know, just perhaps. In general, one closes the mouth whilst masticating, and one does not talk with his or her mouth full. I'm just saying.


piouskatie said...

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Heather said...

I don't know what to do with ALL THESE POSTS!!

SpooSpa said...
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SpooSpa said...

Thanks for using my photo! I feel special! (I misspelled photo on the first one)