Two in as many days?

Yes, it's true. It's another blog from me. This one is also mostly pictures, but take what you can get, you know? These are from Laura Beth and Joe's wedding on April 9th. Before you see the photos, though, do know that they got engaged, planned and pulled off a wedding in 3 weeks. Three. And no, it wasn't a shotgun wedding. His father is in the armed forces and is being sent overseas for a good while, so they went ahead and got married so his father could be there. So yes, this is the absolutely gorgeous three week wedding, in pictorial form.

I also got to see some old college friends, most importantly my senior year girls. It was really good to see everybody, even though we didn't really get to chat and catch up a lot.

And there's one of me and the bride for good measure. I think we look cute. Anyway, the Burfitt is no longer the Burfitt. She is now the Cuyar. Yay!

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