At least it hasn't been a month...

Again, sorry about that lack of updating. But! I have recently have some event filled weekends, and, as such, some pictures and blogs for you to enjoy! First up is my trip to Charleston for Heather's birthday. I went down with her from Thursday to Saturday, which wasn't long enough, but you make do with what you have. Friday was Ms. Hizzle's birthday, so we got up and ready and, after a quick stop at the Target, we were off to the beach.

I cannot begin to describe how good it felt to be on the beach. I hadn't been in a long time, and though the water was a little cold for swimming, we got to stand in it, jumping waves and kicking up water and generally having WAY too much fun (if there is such a thing). Perfect weather too, with a lovely little breeze. We almost fell asleep there, but there was more fun to be had (shopping, Jack's Cosmic Dogs, Ms. Pac-Man, and cute Citadel boys doing their parade for Heather's birthday). Sadly, I do not have pictures of those, but I will leave you with this really cute picture of the birthday girl.

Actually, I won't because Blogger won't upload it for me. Anyway, it was lovely and fun, and we basically looked so good, and you're totally jealous you weren't there. Or something.

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Heather said...

Yay for birthdays! And blog updates!