Recent Purchases

Up first are these lovely earrings on sale at Amazon. They are just long enough for me, and they are really, really lightweight. I have this weird fear that, as I get older and skin starts to sag, my holes will sag too, and I'll get those scary earring holes where it looks like the earring might fall through the bottom of the ear any moment. But these are lighter than some studs I've had, so I feel confident wearing them all the time.

I wish more and more people loved Joseph Arthur. Probably lots of you know one or two of his songs, like "Honey and the Moon" or "In The Sun." But, let me just tell you-- he is really good. Sometimes, guys with guitars who do a lot of mid to slow tempo music bore me, unless I'm resting in my room or something. Not Joseph Arthur. Heather, I feel confident in telling you that you're going to like him. I'll be sending you some stuff in the mail soon to soonish. Anyway, this album is called Come To Where I'm From, and I highly recommend it. Also, check out Arthur's website over there on the sidebar.

As you may or may not have seen on TV or in the mail that they send you, like LOOK AT US PLEASE, Pier 1 is having a large summer sale. A lot of the stuff I went for was gone when I got to the store near Haywood Mall, but I'm sure that there will be more items for sale when I go back. I picked up 3 of these votive holders, which were not on sale. That is okay, however, since their everyday price is $1. ONE dollar. You probably have a hundred and six or seven (what is the sales tax now?) pennies in your house somewhere. These are good quality candle holders too. Thick enough glass, and the votives I purchased from Pier 1 didn't stick to the sides after they were all used up. I let the wax harden back up, and it just kind of popped up from the holder. That probably has more to do with the actual candles, though.

So, that's what I'm loving. You? What products do we all need to know about?


Rita said...

Staci! Thanks for the comment. I hope you're doing well. My bank account does NOT thank you for the news about a Pier One sale. How much do I love that store? Lemme tell ya. It's a lot. (Only slightly decreased by their choice to discontinue their line of Ginger Peach candles. I've been savoring the remnants of my large collection of The. Best. Candle. Scent. Ever. So so sad.)

Anyway. I like your earrings. In response to your concerns about ear hole-droopage, remember when Kyle's ear holes were 3/4"? They're now all closed up. His secret? Preparation H. :)

Staci said...

My best candle scent ever is called Willow, and it is a cheapie that I think was discontinued from a store called Old Time Pottery, which is definitely not the Pottery Barn. It was love. I bought Pier 1's Biscotti candles and one of their Citrus Cilantro. I really like their Biscotti.

Thanks for the tip about Preparation H. I am seriously paranoid. It's a sickness.

Heather said...

I'm looking forward to Joseph Arthur! Did you get the Mika CD I sent you? Do you love it?