My First Wreck

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So I was in an accident Saturday evening-- but I'm fine. Here's the story:

My brother and I are driving along to Zaxby's in Simpsonville, so as to avoid the traffic on Woodruff Rd, though usually we frequent that one. Anyway, Fairview Rd. or St (can't remember)is a four lane road, fairly active with the cars and whatnot. Anyway, we switch to the right hand lane to go around a 96 Ford that is creeping along. We stop at a red light, and I'm looking across the street at a gas station, jamming a little to the music, when I hear a crash type noise behind me. I check my rearview mirror and find that the 96 Ford has hit a car in the left lane and is swerving into my lane. It is inevitable that she will hit me at speeds of about 15-20 mph. That doesn't sound like a lot, and it isn't, really, but I'm completely stopped, so it's jarring, a bit. Anyway, I look away from my rearview mirror because I don't want to watch my car get hit.

We get out, and I'm already aware that my car probably has little damage and is certainly drivable. My brother is already on his cell talking to my parents; the other lady who's been hit is already on her cell to the police. I am...doing nothing because that's all I know to do in this situation. I look in at the driver and passengers in the car that was at fault, and the driver looks...a bit off. She's not well; something happened in that car. I should've asked if everyone in there was okay, but I didn't. I didn't even think to until the other lady who'd been hit did. The police were on their way.

They come, two cars of them. The driver of the at fault car had a seizure while driving, so we call for medical assistance. Well, the police do. A fire truck shows up, then an ambulance or two. It's a bit of a blur because I've never been in this situation before. I'm just praying that the seizure lady is alright. And, if I'm honest, thinking about all the insurance stuff to deal with.

We sit in my car because it's gotten dark and it's cold and the police told us to do so. The ambulance takes away the lady who'd had seizures (I know names; I just don't think it's appropriate to share them on my blog). I sign a green form with everyone's information on it, am informed to send that to my insurance company and have them send it in within 15 days, and leave. I have moved, acted, and reacted on autopilot.

I'm so grateful that it wasn't a bad wreck because it wasn't. It's just my back bumper that's messed up and maybe my rear wheel alignment. My brother and I were both fine physically; no scratches. I just had a headache for awhile, as I'd hit my head on the car ceiling(?) while wearing a baseball hat. It was one step up from a fender bender. God was gracious, and I'm completely thankful.

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rob said...

Ugh! BTW, it's Fairview Rd. I'm actually from Simpsonville.